About Us

Inspiring Speakers, Youth Leaders, Teachers, Principles, Mothers, Fathers, Community Leaders and YOU are encouraged to share stories & life lessons with our young girls to help direct them to a healthy road of success. This program is a safe haven for girls, a builder of new, healthy sister relationships and involvement with community service activities.
We communicate and listen to our girls to understand the challenges they face in the world today. We help explain the importance of Love, Education & Abstinence. We take time to discuss current events, neighborhood situations and most importantly host rap sessions. 
We welcome girls of all races, colors, creeds and religions. If you have made some wrong decisions and now want to get in the right setting to make good decisions, this is the program for you.
Some of our Classes
  • What is ABSTINENCE?
  • I am a WRAPPED GIFT!
  • Paper goods vs. China
  • Grooming
  • Smoking, Drinking & Being Grown
  • Oh The Places You'll Go
  • Dream & Do
  • Fighting??? Who Does That???
  • Girl BOSS Blazer Brunch
  • Interview - Handshake to Hire
  • HERstory
  • WRITE THE VISION - write, see, do!